Warm and intense, with balsamic tones, it is both healing and calming. In sacred rituals throughout the ages, it was burnt as incense. It is often used to cleanse places of negative energies as it creates a sacred and peaceful atmosphere and relaxes the body and mind.


Collected for time immemorial in cultures across the world to be used as medicine, perfume and incense. Ayurvedic practitioners use it to help balance women’s hormones, and it can aid in digestion when chewed like gum. Tinctures are made to speed wound healing.

Frankincense is the best medicine for House Cleansings.
Burn the incense by placing small piece on a lit charcoal puck. This releases the essential oils and fragrances from the resin in an aromatic smoke.


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Earth Tribe

Earthtribe took root when Kuda and Arianna connected, from two different worlds – Zimbabwe and Italy respectively. Their love bore a beautiful baby girl, and so developed their idea and formation of the tribe. The Earthtribe encompasses a conscious collective of people from different backgrounds, places and colours but with the same values. We seek to grow the tribe of conscious living people in South Africa and abroad, we have scoured the continent for 3 years for the best in organic, fair-trade and ethically sourced products that are uniquely African.
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