Totally Wild Aloe

Until recently, it was generally thought that all Aloes were “Aloe Vera”, whilst in fact there are over 400 different Aloe species world-wide, of which the Aloe Vera is one and the Aloe Ferox – indigenous and endemic to South Africa – is another.

Although the proponents of Aloe Ferox tend to focus on the differences between Aloe Ferox and Aloe Vera, there are sufficient fundamental, biological similarities between the two species to give credence to theories that what the one species is capable of, can be expected in the other. Both are succulent plants, with leaves that hold beneficial properties, of a similar nature, for example:

Carbohydrates – made up of mostly long-chain sugars (polysaccharides)
Amino acids – the building blocks of proteins
Minerals – minerals are important trace elements in all biology, helping to regulate, among other functions, fluid transfer and balance between living cells
Enzymes – essential to the well-being of the plant as well as to human skin
Lipids – oils are very valuable in skincare
Acids – vital for maintenance of balance, particularly in skincare products

Whilst the majority of formal research has been carried out on the Vera, there is an abundance of anecdotal and, to a much lesser extent, scientific evidence that the Aloe Ferox is more than equal to the Vera in its capabilities with regard to healing and nutrition.

Aloe Ferox is more than equal to Vera in its capabilities with regard to healing and nutrition.

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