My body has endured more than 30 fractures, including an ankle, both knees, left femur, three fractures in the right shoulder, collarbones, neck, and two places on the spine. Both wrists were shattered and subsequently pinned, as was the left forearm. With the inclusion of, multiple broken ribs, almost every medical professional said that I would be crippled with pain and arthritis in later years. With the application of discoveries I made along the road, I have remained flexible and pain-free.

The inflammation which at one time a ravaged my body progressively abated with the application of discoveries made along the way; and I am able to enjoy a physically active life in every respect. Although my left hand shows signs of residual spasticity and I cannot play the piano, I am grateful for the dexterity that I do have. (I don’t miss playing the piano either, probably because I never could.) Life is amazing.

I learned a lot along this particular journey, and what I have learned from my experiences and subsequent education, both formal and informal; I have an authentic desire to share with all who want to listen and benefit.

There is no better substitute for personal experience; unequivocally the best foundation for inspirational educators and coaches.

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