At its heart, Mila’s Meals is a way of life.

It is about choosing to prepare your family’s food from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It is about choosing to use food as medicine, not only as fuel. It is about choosing to nourish your children’s growing bodies, not just to fill their tummies.

It is about having a plateful (or a handful) of nutrient-dense foods and a day full of soul foods (love, spirituality, movement and play).

It is about traditional foods (ferments and bone broths), traditional ways (barefoot in the soil and bare skin in the sunshine), traditional medicine (herbs, tinctures and essential oils) – all while living in the modern world with its stresses, busyness and two working parents (and its superfoods, blenders and dehydrators!)

It is about digestion and absorption, the immune system, the gut and the awesome bacteria we want to live there!

Mila's Meals

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