Mila’s Meals: The Beginning & The Basics is an award-winning 500-page collection of over 100 gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free nourishing wholefood recipes and food ideas for baby’s first years (and the rest of the family too).

Part cookbook, part nutrition encyclopedia, part journal of my journey into motherhood, Mila’s Meals is a call to action for every parent to be conscious of what they are feeding their little ones, providing a guideline on how to go about this as effectively, effortlessly and joyfully as possible.

Created, written and published by: Catherine Barnhoorn.


Gourmand ‘Best In The World’ Award – First Book Category
Next Generation Indie Book Award – Health/Wellness Category
Reader’s Favorite Award – Non-Fiction Cooking/Food Category
Living Now Book Award – Cookbooks Natural, Nutrition, Organic, Vegetarian Category
Gourmand World Cookbook Award – Self-Published Category
London Book Festival Award – Cookbook Category
International Rubery Book Award – Shortlist – Non-fiction Category

The Why

The truth behind common infant food fallacies;

The why, what and how to begin your little one’s life-long relationship with food;

An expose of what is really in that convenient, ready-made food and the affect it has on your child physically, mentally and emotionally;

The importance and maintenance of gut health;

Why not gluten, dairy and sugar.
The What

Essential nutrients, the role they play, and where to find them;

A detailed glossary for every ingredient used in the book;

Useful charts like the ‘What to Feed When’ food introduction chart, the Dirty Dozen list, ‘The Worst Offenders’ food additives to avoid and more.
The How

Over 100 (mostly) uncomplicated recipes made with easy-to-find ingredients;

A re-introduction of essential traditional foods & food preparation techniques (like sauerkraut, slow-cooked bone broths as well as how and why to soak grains);

‘Do-able’ meals for working parents – all the food can be made in bulk and frozen.


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Mila's Meals

At its heart, Mila’s Meals is a way of life. It is about choosing to prepare your family’s food from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. It is about choosing to use food as medicine, not only as fuel. It is about choosing to nourish your children’s growing bodies, not just to fill their tummies. It is about having a plateful (or a handful) of nutrient-dense foods and a day full of soul foods (love, spirituality, movement and play). It is about traditional foods (ferments and bone broths), traditional ways (barefoot in the soil and bare skin in the sunshine), traditional medicine (herbs, tinctures and essential oils) – all while living in the modern world with its stresses, busyness and two working parents (and its superfoods, blenders and dehydrators!) It is about digestion and absorption, the immune system, the gut and the awesome bacteria we want to live there!
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