Raw Love was founded by passionate animal lover Helena Swart. Having spent her childhood in rural South Africa, Helena and her siblings were raised on an organic, free-range meat and farm-grown lifestyle.

In 2007, Helena’s Rhodesian Ridgeback Zoe almost died from eating contaminated dry pet food – a top end vet-recommended brand. After thorough research, Helena learnt that all dry pet food should be compared to human junk food consisting of harmful ingredients such as maize, flavourings, colourants and preservatives.

She started making her own food for Zoe, Jack (Border Collie), Lola (Ridgeback Pointer Cross) and Max (Jack Russell). Whilst experimenting with different raw ingredients, Helena discovered the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriated Raw Food) – developed by Australian veterinarian, Ian Billinghurst.

Switching to the raw food diet, Helena noticed phenomenal changes in her dogs and their overall health improved drastically. By word of mouth, Helena started preparing raw meals for friends and family and the growing demand led to the creation of Raw Love for your Pets in 2009.

Raw Love has since undergone incredible organic growth. The Raw Love team is proud to be a part of amazing health changes over the years with wonderful stories from customers of their pets overcoming various health challenges. Ailments including dry and itchy skin, allergies, digestive problems, obesity, diabetes, constipation, anal sac problems and urinary tract infection have all improved drastically – in cases completely dissipated – because of this change in diet.

Based on the BARF diet, Raw Love’s food-based remedies are made from fresh raw meat, vegetables and fruit in the most natural forms. Biologically appropriate for dogs and cats, all the meals are nutrient-dense which aids the development of a solid immune system.

Raw Love’s variants have been successfully registered with the Department of Agriculture.

The Raw Love kitchen is based in Cape Town with various suppliers in KZN Johannesburg.

Raw Love

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