A comfort tip: PHYSIOMER Baby Mist has a soft tip fitted with a safety neck, ensuring that there is no risk of injury and the nasal cleansing process is more gentle and child friendly!
100% seawater formula: the exclusive manufacturing process ensures that PHYSIOMER retains all the health benefits of the Saint-Malo seawater as well as its high mineral and trace element content. PHYSIOMER solution soothes the irritated nasal mucosa and offers better healing properties than normal salines.
Proven to relieve all the nasal symptoms associated with colds and rhinopharyngitis.

Cleansing is very important in infants, who breathe almost exclusively through their noses. Daily cleansing is recommended to help them breathe more easily. In addition, it is a very effective means of prevention. In fact, all the upper airways are interconnected, which is why a perfectly ordinary cold or bout of rhinopharyngitis can affect the ears (otitis) or the lungs (bronchitis or bronchiolitis).

Runny or stuffy nose caused by a cold or by rhinopharyngitis
Use 4 to 6 times a day to clear the nasal fossae and restore breathing through the nose in cases of cold, rhinopharyngitis, bronchiolitis and other forms of rhinitis.
If your baby has a stuffy nose, don’t hesitate to use hourly as soon as the first signs of congestion appear (tingling sensation).

Preventive daily hygiene
Use once or twice a day to make nose blowing easier and prevent ENT complications (otitis, infections of other respiratory organs such as the pharynx and bronchi).

NOTE: With Physiomer, what’s good for your baby is also good for you! The beneficial properties of PHYSIOMER Baby Mist are effective in both children and adults.

100% natural seawater
No preservatives or chemical additives
Physiological pH specially adapted to the nasal mucosa

*with a concentration equivalent to 9g/l of total salts, like that of the human body.


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The market leader in Europe for nasal hygiene products sold in pharmacies, PHYSIOMER®* is the specialist brand for natural solutions to help people breathe more easily. Recommended by health professionals, PHYSIOMER® gently and effectively cleanses, moisturises and relieves nasal congestion. PHYSIOMER® also helps prevent colds and rhinopharyngitis, as well as recurrences and ENT complications.
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