Children: 5 ml three times daily
Adults: 10 ml to 15 ml three times daily

Each 5 ml syrup contains:
Ammonium chloride 10 mg
Tankankhar shudda 10 mg
Adhatoda vasica 250 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra 200 mg
Solanum xanthocarpum 200 mg
Elephantopus scaber 100 mg
Clerodendron serratum 75 mg
Curcuma longa 75 mg
Ephedra gerardiana 75 mg
Ocimum sanctum 75 mg
Nardostachys jatamansi 50 mg
Terminalia belerica 30 mg
Datura metel 25 mg
Pistacia integerrima 20 mg
Hedychium spicatum 15 mg
Piper nigrum 15 mg
Piper longum 15 mg
Abies webbiana 15 mg
Apamargkshar 5 mg

Contains sugar:
Sucrose 3000 mg

Sodium benzoate 0,4 % m/v
Sodium methyl paraben 0,2 % m/v
Sodium propyl paraben 0,08 % m/v

Excipients: Citric acid monohydrate, flavour spasma and purified water.


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