So what is orange blossom honey exactly? As the name suggests, orange blossom honey is honey that is derived from a citrus source. Many people falsely assume that orange blossom honey is made by combining oranges and honey; however, it is actually the leaf of the orange tree that makes this honey what it is.

The orange tree blossoms in the spring, and this is when bees work to produce this tasty variety of honey. It has a very agreeable and delicate aroma and is often also used in perfumes, teas, bridal bouquets, and wreaths. It can even be found in some beers! The colour of orange blossom honey typically ranges from light amber to a golden brown. This honey is very popular, and most supermarkets and grocery stores carry name brand versions as well as raw orange blossom honey versions from local farms.


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The Honey Connoisseur

ABOUT THE HONEY CONNOISSEUR SOUTH AFRICA HAS A VERY SPECIAL and unique place in the world when it comes to honey and beehive products… our rich diversity of climates and flora rival anywhere on Earth, as do the unpolluted pastures that host our unique species of bees. That’s why I founded The Honey Connoisseur back in 2011 – to help people discover and buy the widest variety of high-quality honey and beehive produce available, backed up by the very highest levels of customer service. Today we gather a rich and ever-changing variety of raw honey and beehive products from the most reputable beekeepers in South Africa – supplying to both retailers and the public from local markets and via mail order. From local indigenous flora, to exotic honey, infused honey, even beeswax and a treasure trove of other food and medicinal products. All our honey is not only raw (untreated and without any artificial flavours or preservatives), but also comes largely from abundant tracts of land where bees collect pollen from flowers kept far from pesticides or GMO crops, a situation that is all too rare in the world today. Quite simply when you buy raw honey from the Honey Connoisseur you are choosing a product that offers maximum purity, health benefits and the most intense and natural flavours.
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