The first of its kind in Africa, and scientifically-proven, KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Sticks are a completely plastic-free, sustainable and recyclable water purification solution. The ultimate next generation of water filter – for home or for travel.

Whether paired with our 100% Recycled Glass Water Dispensers (6L/12.5L), our new 2L Bamboo/Glass Jug, our new 8L Bamboo/Glass Dispenser, or your own carafe/jug/dispenser, a single stick of KURO-Bō Charcoal provides 3+ months of daily cartridge-free and naturally purified water. The charcoal stick will purify up to 3L of water at a time. For greater volumes, simply add extra sticks.

Activated charcoal, or Binchotan attracts and draws out positively-charged toxins (chemicals, heavy metals, E. coli) from your water, while depositing beneficial minerals and balancing an acidic pH.

After 3 months of daily use, recycle your KURO-Bō Activated Charcoal Stick in any number of innovative and eco-friendly ways, for example, in your pet’s bowl, as a biochar on your plants, as an organic air purifier or dehumidifier, or in your fridge to prolong the shelf life of your fresh fruit and vegetables.


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In 2017, KURO-Bō was launched by Darrin & Camilla Morrisby, with each KURO-Bō Binchotan Stick and Kōin being produced by hand using the heritage-infused Japanese process. Darrin & Camilla first discovered Binchotan and its incredible ability to filter water back in 2008 when living in the UK and regularly buying plastic water filter jugs and bottled water. They became concerned about the cost, environmental impact and the fact that the water was often stripped of everything – good and bad. They researched plastic-free alternatives and discovered Binchotan. Once they adjusted to this simple process and rhythm, it became part of their daily life. Not long after, their friends and family, from teenagers to grandparents, followed suit. When Darrin & Camilla left corporate life behind and moved to South Africa in 2015, they knew they wanted to do something completely different – something for the future of their family, country and the planet - something much bigger and more impactful than what they were doing before. In Cape Town they found the same water challenges as in the UK. After conducting research, they grasped the real potential of offering Binchotan in Africa. Introducing a 100% natural and more affordable water filter to South Africa seemed like the perfect fit. In 2016 they began laboratory-testing and in 2017 launched KURO-Bō.
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