Our chickpeas are dry roasted* before being coated in vegan chocolate

*Dry roasting is just that: dry. There is no oil on the chickpeas whilst they are roasting. Nuts etc are often roasted (or fried) in oil, which adds calories. Additionally, this oil is often re-used; which gives it carcinogenic potential. There is no oil used on this product at any stage of the process

Our ingredients are all natural – no funny stuff!

2 reviews for Grumpy Snacks Chocolate

  1. Fatima

    It’s like healthy choc stix lol 🙂

  2. Masudah (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the grumpy snack. It is so tasty

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Grumpy Snacks

This little legume packs a nutritional punch, and we spent months in our kitchen perfecting the crunch. Our chickpeas are dry roasted and small fractions of oil and spices are added thereafter, or they are coated in dairy-free vegan chocolate. We use only natural ingredients and each step has been developed to ensure maximum nutrition is available for absorption. This one’s for the snackers of South Africa. We hope it makes you a little less grumpy too.
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