Flora Force Devil’s Claw Tablets Package Insert

Scheduling status: C0

Proprietary name (and dosage form): Flora Force Devil’s Claw Tablets 500mg.

Composition: Each Devil’s Claw Tablet contains 500mg Harpagophytum procumbens powder.

Pharmacological classification: Category D Western Herbal Medicine

Pharmacological action: 3.1 Anti-Rheumatic

Indications: Assists in the supportive therapy, for degenerative muscular-skeletal conditions. Traditionally used for the relief from rheumatic conditions and to stimulate the lymphatic system. Relieves pain, has sedative- and diuretic action.

Contra-indications: Devil’s Claw promotes stomach acid, do not use in cases of gastric or duodenal ulcers.

Not to be used together with long term analgesics.

Not to be use when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Warnings: Not to be used by persons with gastric or duodenal ulcers. Do not use this product long-term or on a continuous basis.

Drug Interaction: Warfarin and Ticlopidine.

Pregnancy and Lactation: Not to be use when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Dosage and directions for use: Take one to two tablets three times a day or as prescribed by health care practitioner.

Side-effects and special precautions: Mild gastro-intestinal complaints. Possible allergic rash and rhinitis in sensitive persons.

In case of children special caution should be taken, use under supervision of practitioner.

Known symptoms of over dosage and particulars of its treatment: None known.

Identification: Dark brown, 12mm bi-convex tablet.

Presentation: 60 Tablets packed into 125ml amber glass bottle with light green screw cap and safety seal insert.

Storage instructions: Store below 25ºC. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Registration number: To be allocated.

Applicant: Flora Force Health Products (Pty) Ltd., PO Box 426, Rondebosch, 7701, Cape Town.

Date of publication: 05/05/2014
Exp 05/23


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