DuDu Drops is one-hundred percent homeopathic with proven ingredients, making the formula even more effective for a wider range of childhood sleep problems.

DuDu Drops is a safe and effective homeopathic remedy specially formulated by our Clinical Psychologist to calm young children and induce a state of drowsiness. It also helps prevent your child or baby waking up in the middle of the night or during daytime naps. DuDu Drops can safely be used by all children and babies but has been specifically formulated for toddlers and children twelve months and older. To help prevent your baby waking up or struggling to fall asleep, see our Sleepy Sprinkles instead), is gentle and non-addictive and will not unduly sedate your child. Together with DuDu Drops, help your child to sleep with the help of consistent discipline, a regular routine, nighttime rituals and a loving home environment.

DuDu Drops is one-hundred percent homeopathic and contains the following ingredients in therapeutic dosage:

Chamomilla (6C)
Cina (30C)
Coffea (30C)
Pulsatilla (6C)


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Feelgood Health

Feelgood Health was founded by Michele Carelse in 1997. As a Clinical Psychologist and mother of three girls, Michele favoured natural treatments that supported health. She was uncomfortable recommending prescription drugs for ADHD, depression and anxiety for her patients, realising that they often came with unwanted side effects or resulted in dependency. Not able to find quality natural alternatives on the market, Michele set out to formulate her own. Working with natural health experts, Michele formulated a selection of herbal and homeopathic products for ADHD, depression and anxiety - initially for use in her private practice only. Passionate about natural health and about the environment, Michele insisted that her remedies should contain NO preservatives or added artificial chemicals and should be environmentally friendly. A vegetarian herself, she also insisted that all her products should be cruelty-free.
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