Raw Honey bottled in 500g glass jars


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TNT Honey

At TnT Honey, we believe in having a sustainably healthy outlook on life for both ourselves and the environments of bees. In doing so, we proudly supply rich quality premium raw honey from the Western Cape while at the same time raise awareness for our dear bees and their importance in the world. Currently, supermarket shelves are filled with processed honey that has been either irradiated, strained, heated or pasteurized resulting in the breakdown of the natural enzymes, minerals, vitamins and propolis during these processes. Raw honey could be considered a rarity these days, despite its many health benefits ranging from relieving sore throats to treating skin infections due to the anti-fungal, anti-viral and antiseptic properties; to improve your immune system and energy levels helping you cope better with todays stressful and demanding lifestyles. Badger friendly hives and bees that have the freedom to be on their own “buzz” are part of what makes every jar of TnT Honey more than just honey; it’s a pot of gold! We strive to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and value our dedicated employees, but in all honesty it’s the bees we should be thanking most.
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