Glutamine is an all-natural, plant-derived supplement which can help with cravings, burning fat, building muscle, and even boost natural growth hormone levels.

Glutamine is a supplement used by athletes the world over for its many benefits, but it can also help anyone looking to naturally boost their energy levels, and older folks who want to keep up their health.

Glutamine can be helpful for burning fat, and building muscle
Glutamine can assist with the treatment of “leaky gut”
Glutamine supplements are known to stop cravings for carbs, sweets, and sugars
Glutamine accounts for up to 35% of the amino acid nitrogen in the blood of healthy adults
Glutamine supplements help with natural growth hormone (HGH) secretion by more than 400%
Glutamine is an essential neurotransmitter

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  1. Anna

    Stopped my heartburn and reflux

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At The Harvest Table we believe that ancient wisdom can be used to guide the lifestyle choices that we make today and that returning to some of the ancient traditions can be exceptionally beneficial. Bone Broth is an example of a simple stock that was slowly brewed over a number of days to ensure that all of the beneficial nutrients were removed from the bones and marrow. This process gives a nutritional depth to the final product that is absent from modern-day stock powders. Modern-day lifestyles are often so busy that many of us tend to make repetitive food choices thereby missing nutrients that may be available to us if we chose a wider range of foods to consume.
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