Pre & Probiotics – a powerful team, that elevates natural oral care to a new hight!
About Probiom Tooth Powder

Probiom Tooth Powder is a new addition to our uncompromisingly natural oral care range – the first South African tooth powder with Probiotics & Prebiotics.
Olgani Probiom Tooth Powder offers complex care for teeth, and gums, and harnesses the health benefits of the strong and divers oral microbiota.
Why Probiotics in oral care?

The healthy oral cavity is home to hundreds of, finely tuned by Nature, microorganisms that protect us from disease. Robust and balanced microbiota prevents dysbiosis and supports natural functions of the body, promoting health and longevity.

Probiotics and Prebiotics in oral care products fortify the microbiota and provide a natural defence against pathogens responsible for oral problems.
Some of the benefits of probiotics for oral health are:

Protect the oral cavity from invading pathogenic microbes by competitive exclusion
Prevent cavities by balancing the pH of the mouth
Produce bacteriocins that fight cavity-causing bacteria
Improve the quality of saliva
Prevent halitosis
Reduce dental plaque
Reduce inflammation and bleeding of the gums

A powerful, non-abrasive blend of probiotics with botanicals and natural minerals to control dental plaque build-up, support tooth enamel remineralization and strengthen gum tissue, while offering support to the body.
Benefits of Botanicals

Blend of two strains of Lactobacillus to fortify the oral microbiota
Liquorice prevents cavities
White Willow an analgesic with anti-inflammatory properties
Chlorella is rich in vital nutrients to nourish gums
Sesame Oil moisturizes gums
PREBIO+ care blend for oral microbiome support
Oils of Lemongrass, Rose Geranium, Peppermint and Clove with mild anti-bacterial properties of control pathogens and to refreshen breathe

Benefits of Minerals

Bentonite Clay rich in minerals controls the Ph in the oral cavity & supports re-mineralization
French Green Clay provides minerals for strong teeth and gums
Sea Salt stimulates salivation & supports re-mineralization, acts as a natural rinse

For a full list of all benefits of our ingredients (which is quite long)

Click here

Probiom Tooth Powder is free of fluoride, glycerine, sorbitol, artificial preservatives, GMOs, taste enhancers,

dyes, abrasives, foaming agents, titanium dioxide, artificial sweeteners and fillers.

Our new direction of zero paste, zero waste means we can offer you a product that is 100% environmentally friendly both inside and out. You will find our Toothpowders packed in a planet-friendly glass jar, with a recyclable aluminium lid and a beautiful compostable box.

Forget any routine you may be accustomed to and be invigorated by the experience that will leave your mouth feeling extremely clean, your teeth highly polished & your breath deliciously fresh.

Recommended to be used twice a day or more if you’re craving the experience.

Dip a damp toothbrush in powder. Brush for 2 min twice a day, rinse and smile.

For the maximum probiotic benefits, do not rinse. Safe to swallow, made only with edible ingredients.

For toothpowder to be enjoyed to the very last grain, please do NOT add water directly to the powder.


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Olgani Naturals founder, Olga Niemkiewicz grew up in Poland and using natural ingredients was an integral part of her lifestyle. In the 80’s, Olga and her husband settled in Cape Town and soon Olga became familiar with the abundance of natural ingredients available in our beautiful city. And so our journey of a vision to offer the world a natural source of holistic oral health care begins…
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