Amino Acids (mg per gram of protein)

Alanine 53mg Arganine 48mg Aspartic Acid 73mg
Cystine 20mg Glutamic Acid 115mg Glycine 31mg
Histadine 19mg Isoleucine 50mg Leucine 72mg
Lysine 51mg Methionine 32mg Phenylalanine 52mg
Proline 31mg Serine 60mg Threonine 37mg
Tryptophan 13mg Tyrosine 33mg Valine 62mg


Egg albumen protein powder, citric acid


Contains egg

Suggested use:

Mix two level scoops (20g) with 250ml water, milk or fruit juice and stir briskly. Best mixed in a blender or shaker. Makes a delicious smoothie when blended with fruit and other good things.


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Functional foods are at the heart of the Lifematrix offering. The brand, a member of the Absolute Organix stable, has been a pioneer in the field of clean, specialist proteins, leading the market with innovative products such as Purple Protein Collagen, Pure MCTs and a variety of vegan proteins.
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