How to use

Hot therapy: Heat the compress in microwave for 30 second increments until it feels warm. Apply to the back of the neck or forehead to relax the affected muscles and relieve the headache. Increases blood flow to alleviate muscle tension in the jaw, face or neck.

Cold therapy: Place the compress in a sealed bag, inside the freezer, until it feels cold. Apply to the forehead, touching the temples or the other affected area. Slows blood flow to decrease inflammation and nerve conduction, all of which helps to reduce headache pain.

Find a quiet room to lay down. Place the FLAXi Headache Compress to the afected area/s. Effective with a hot, cold or room temperature compress.

Care Instructions:

To clean your FLAXi Headache Compress, gently dab the bag with a damp sponge. Do not wash or immerse in water!
Store your FLAXi Headache Compress in a sealed container, to preserve the fragrance.
Over time, the natural fragrance of your FLAXi Headache Compress will diminish. To renew its therapeutic fragrance, spritz with FLAXi Headache Mist.
Replace your FLAXi Headache Compress every year or so.

Caution: Should your FLAXi Headache Compress get burned in the microwave, dispose of it. Avoid using during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


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