Coconut milk (82%)*, maltodextrin*, vegetable protein**, calcium sulphate**, sodium carbonate**
**Approved in EU organic production

Dried organic coconut milk
Dairy-free, soy-free & vegan friendly
Gluten Free
Lactose-free & casein-free
Kosher & Halaal certified
Certified organic – USDA Organic & JAS Control Union
Zero Trans fat
Source of Fibre


Coconut Milk for Drinking:
Mix 10 g of Coconut Milk Powder with 60 ml of water.

Coconut Milk for Cooking:
Mix 10 g of Coconut Milk Powder with 40 ml of water.

Coconut Cream for Cooking:
Mix 10 g of Coconut Milk Powder with 20 ml of water.

Country of Origin:
Sri Lanka


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Cocomi Bio Organic

In our family, we say "everything starts with the coconut" and our love story with coc0nut has been 100 years in the making: it all started When our great grandmother began farming the rich Sri Lankan lands tor tea, spices and coconuts. Dad would spend hours on the farm climbing coconut palms and sneaking sips of crisp coconut water. He felt the benef its of living in harmony with nature, and tasted that goodness in every coconut. A doctor by training, he dec ided, with the support of our Mom, to hang up his white coat, and begin his organic jourhey towards caring for the environment and a sustainable future. Since then, he's transformed our family holdings into the largest organic coconut farm in Sri Lanka, with a thriving community of over 2000 traditional farming families. Inspired by our Dad's vision, in 2013, we founded Cocomi
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