Active ingredients: Aloe arborescens 200mg
Aloe ferox crystals 25mg
Zeolite 50mg
Activated charcoal 5mg

One of the fundamental cornerstones of all systems of natural healing is the cleansing of the gut. The gut is the centre of your well-being and if it’s not cleansed regularly then the result is a gradual poisoning of the body from the inside out

Cleansing and detoxifying the body is an important step to achieving good health and vitality

A little history:

These succulent plants were highly prised by the San for blood purification and anti-inflammatory properties. The Bitter Aloe is well known for its laxative effect and its highly nutritious gel. The purgative effect is due to a plant glycoprotein called ‘aloin’. The aloe duo are combined with charcoal and bentonite for the absorption and elimination of toxins. This popular tonic restores vitality and improves immune function


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